analytical & auditing services - DEC LAB

Established in 2003, DEC LAB is a modern full-service analytical laboratory network. We offer a complete range of environmental laboratory and auditing services, with in house expertise in different areas.

DEC LAB - analytical & auditing services


  • Environmental auditing services of air, water and solvents;
  • Analytical method development;
  • Sampling, field and mobile laboratory services;
  • Technical consultancy;
  • Program management and data management.
  • gas analysis

  • Flowrates (m³/h);
  • Speed (m/s);
  • Temperature (°C);
  • Humidity (gH2O/m³);
  • GC analysis (Gas Chromatography);
  • FID analysis (Flame Ionization Detection);
  • PID analysis (Photo Ionization Detection);
  • Adsorption analysis on activated carbon cell (UNICHIM).
  • adsorbent analysis

  • thermogravimetric analysis (TGA);
  • adsorption properties (CTC index);
  • hardness;
  • mesh size.
  • liquid analysis

  • GC analysis (Gas Chromatography);
  • Spectrophotometry;
  • Determination of traces of water in solvents (KF, coulometer);
  • COD values (Chemical Oxygen Demand);
  • BOD values (Biochemical Oxygen Demand).
  • DEC LAB - analytical & auditing services